10 Things Real Estate Agents Are Doing to Breakthrough in Today's Market

Small Business Coaching Real Estate Coaching Jeremy Wiliams Red Hawk Coaching 10 Things Real Estate Agents Are Doing to Breakthrough in Today's Market

What are 10 things that real estate agents should be doing to grow their business today? (BTW - This list can be modified to fit most small businesses.)

  1. Understanding the local market. What is happening in the area you serve? Understand pricing, days on market, list price to sales price ratio, know the current inventory, and understand what is influencing people to buy or sell in your market.
  2. With this knowledge, build a script on how to effectively communicate the information to people in your database, and the people you will meet through prospecting. The script will allow you to practice effectively communicating the message.
  3. Ask more people about their real estate plans in 2022 and beyond. You need to have more conversations in this market. You need to make sure you’re not only sharing your knowledge, you must also ask for the business.
  4. Follow up and follow up. If you’ve noticed across the industry and practically all small businesses, there is a lack of follow up. Follow up is an integral part of customer service. If you’re not following up, you’re putting out the vibe that you’re just not that interested in helping others with their real estate needs.
  5. Make sure your mindset is right. Stop getting sucked into the negativity that is shared by others in the industry. Being positive in the current market doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, yet starting with a positive mindset will set you up for being a problem solver when those challenges show up.
  6. Evaluate your business numbers. Where are you at with your business at the halfway point for the year. Is there something you need to tweak? What is the largest source for the business you’ve closed year-to-date? Is there something that you need to turn up.
  7. Hire a coach. Of course, I can help you with this as I’ve helped many others since 2010, and if it is not me, hire someone reputable that is truly a coach. There are a lot of people playing coach out there. Avoid the gurus! There are more gurus than ever before. A coach is going to help you see things differently and stay the course.
  8. Take a break from your business. If you’ve been grinding, set up a vacation. Turn off your phone. Get off social media. Reflect and be thankful for what you’ve accomplished. You will find renewed energy when you take a vacation. This will not only benefit your business, it will also be a benefit to the relationships most important to you.
  9. Give a hand up and not a hand out to a fellow colleague that may be struggling in their business. Teach something to them. They will benefit from you providing advice, and by teaching you reinforce what you should be doing day to day in your business. It also feels good to help someone. Release those great endorphins by helping someone today.
  10. Give gratitude where it is due. Share with others your gratitude, and the energy you will serve you well. It will focus your mindset on the things that serve you and your business well, and it will push away thoughts and prevent taking action on things that don’t serve you well. Have an attitude of gratitude, and watch your world change. By the way, it will change the people around you too.

I trust this gets you thinking a little differently today. If I can help you, all you have to do is reach out. A conversation may lead to something greater to occur both in your business and life. It all starts with you taking a step in Faith.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy


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